About STC-15

STORM’s lead clinical program STC-15 is a first-in-class inhibitor of RNA modification and is the first ever RNA methyltransferase inhibitor to enter clinical development. STC-15 is an oral small molecule that inhibits METTL3, an RNA methyltransferase implicated in oncology and other diseases. Certain RNA methyltransferases are important regulators of RNA sensing and innate immune activation and represent novel immune-regulatory targets.

STC-15 has also been shown to inhibit tumor growth through mechanisms involving anti-cancer immune responses such as changes in interferon signaling and synergy with T cell checkpoint blockade. In addition, this compound, has demonstrated efficacy in leukemia models via mechanisms such as inhibition of leukemia stem cell function.

STORM commenced the dosing of the first patient in a Phase 1 clinical study of STC-15 in patients living with cancer with solid tumors in November 2022 and anticipates presenting results from its study in 2023.

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