STORM in the News

Drug Discovery World: Conversations from ESMO Targeted Anticancer Therapies Congress 2024

DDW’s Megan Thomas caught up with Oliver Rausch, Chief Scientific Officer at Storm Therapeutics, following the ESMO Targeted Anticancer Therapies Congress 2024, a global meeting focusing on promising new anticancer targets and agents, focusing on those in early phase clinical development. Rausch gave an update on the latest developments from the conference and scientific findings the company presented at the meeting.

Royal Society of Chemistry: Designing cancer drugs

David Hardick, Director, Medicinal Chemistry spoke with Andy Extance, Royal Society of Chemistry on chemistry's role in cancer therapy and talks about how through screening, STORM identified first-in-class inhibitors of METTL3, effective against AML. STORM has now selected its first-in-class drug candidate, STC-15 for development towards first in human clinical studies in 2022.