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Harnessing the power of RNA epigenetics

STORM Therapeutics is a pioneer in the field of RNA epigenetics. We are an emerging biotechnology company in Cambridge, UK, focused on developing small molecule inhibitors of RNA-modifying enzymes for the treatment of cancer.

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The funding and support that STORM Therapeutics has received from its investors will allow the development of these insights into a new class of therapeutics ready to be taken into clinical trials.

Professor Tony Kouzarides, Founder, STORM Therapeutics

Our understanding of RNA modification and its effects on biology and disease are increasing exponentially. Now is the time to begin exploring the therapeutic potential. I am enthused to contribute to STORM Therapeutics’ leading effort to develop small molecule modulators of RNA epigenetics.

Professor Tom Cech

Our strategy is to invest globally in companies that discover and develop innovative first-in-class therapeutic products that demonstrate a clear potential to benefit cancer patients. We believe that STORM’s innovative approach has the potential to significantly improve the way the world treats cancer.

Sakae Asanuma, Taiho Ventures

The work that our research groups are undertaking on non-coding RNA and the enzymes that modify this RNA is giving us incredibly interesting insights into how gene expression can be modified at a cellular level.

Professor Eric Miska, Founder, STORM Therapeutics

Investing in breakthrough science

Investing in breakthrough science

Significant investment with a long-term perspective supports our drive to create novel therapeutics that will benefit patients

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