Harnessing the power of RNA modification

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1st in Class Inhibitors of RNA Modifying Enzymes (RME) with the potential to Treat Cancer and Other Diseases

STORM Therapeutics (STORM) a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on discovering and developing novel small molecule therapies targeting RNA modifying enzymes (RME) for oncology and other diseases. There are more than 150 RNA modifications reported and approximately 300 RNA modifying enzymes which represent novel therapeutic targets.

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RNA modifying enzymes

RNA (ribonucleic acid) is the only direct product of the human genome and one type of RNA, mRNA, acts as the template to which transfer RNAs (tRNA) bind to drive the synthesis of all proteins, the molecular machines of the cell. RNA is also known to be a key player in cellular decision-making, particularly in the form of non-coding RNA (ncRNA) such as microRNA, piRNA and long non-coding RNA.

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Drug Discovery World: AACR – A focal point of the cancer research community

Tony Kouzarides, Founder of STORM Therapeutics, Awarded British Knighthood for Services to Healthcare Innovation and Delivery


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